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Eugene Weston

The photographs included in this brochure cover a selection of homes we have planned and built, in Southern California during the past 10 years. They illustrate some of the possibilities and solutions available within the contemporary idiom.

This plan, though compact, was developed for a growing family. Entrance is through an enclosed garden which doubles as an intimate view area from both the living room and master bedroom. The children's wing incorporates an inside play area for the younger years and can be divided into two bedrooms when the need arises, and although adjacent to the parents' area a separation provides necessary privacy.
These are but a few of the features in this plan which indicate some of the many possibilities avialable to satisfy a particular need.

All these homes were planned for individual clients on varying sites from sea to hillside, and reflect the site conditions as well as the owner's requirements. A process of employing different material combinations and space relationships has created a mood in each example to fulfill a more sympathetic relationship between the owner and their home.

Our combined planning and construction service offers the advantage of a single responsibility for both phases of building and permits the important coordination between the plans and the construction budget.

Inquiries are cordially invited.

Eugene Weston